Utilizing our services gives your company the advantage of a more cost effective approach. As opposed to pursuing debtors internally, using our services frees your available resources to service your valuable clients. Furthermore, we guarantee prompt action on all of your placements, ensuring the greatest recovery rate.

As a law firm, we are not constrained by the inherent limitations of a collection agency. Contact from a law firm has been proven to have a much greater impact on even the most habitual debtors. Attorney involvement is difficult to ignore, and can have serious consequences that most debtors want to avoid.

We are an effective and economical solution to reducing your receivables and maximizing your cash flow—guaranteed. We specialize in:

Commercial & Consumer Collections

Accounts Receivables Management

Bankcards, Lines of Credit, Lease Contracts & Auto Deficiency collection solutions

Virtually any and all other types of commercial or consumer receivables management and collection / litigation.

For information on placing your accounts with Sutariya Law Offices, contact us at 734-729-1100 or